Showcase your brand at Kolkhida 2024

Participate at Kolkhida 2024. We believe that your presence at Kolkhida Congress will greatly contribute to the success of the event and showcase your company's commitment to excellence.

As an exhibitor, you will have an opportunity to communicate with the visitors of the congress by showcasing your branded stand with your products and novelties. The benefits of the hybrid congress of Kolkhida 2024:

Reaching this year’s sales targets has been a tough challenge for many companies. We are here to help you to:

  1. Meet business representatives and doctors from more than 70 countries
  2. Gain visibility among industry leaders, professionals, and potential clients
  3. Connect with key decision-makers, experts, and peers in industry
  4. Highlight your latest offerings and innovations to a proper audience
  5. Explore collaboration opportunities with other leading companies in the field

Kolkhida Hybrid 2024 is a great platform to meet up with current clients and extend the network. It offers a wide array of sponsorship opportunities to ensure your brand is at the top of everyone’s minds. 

To secure your spot as an exhibitor, please contact us via email: or via WhatsApp: +995558741454

For more information visit this link.