History of “Kolkhida”

History of “Kolkhida”

19 February 2018

“Kolkhida” started in 2007, in Georgia, as a congress dedicated to plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

The number of participants is increasing every year. In previous years “Kolkhida” hosted more than 600 delegates from about 37 countries. The number of speakers exceeded 100.

The origin of name “Kolkhida” comes from ancient name of western part of Georgia – Kolkheti – the motherland of Medea, who with golden fleece was taken by hero Eason. Medea is considered as the founder of medicine, itself word “medicine” comes from her name.

According to the ancient Greek mythology Medea had a superficial ability to cure old people and make them younger.

The purpose of aesthetic medicine is the same – make younger the older aged people.

Organized by Aptos, this event is dedicated to transfer the knowledge and expose the contemporary approaches of aesthetic medicine from all over the world. Congress merges the professionals of a global scale in plastic surgery, dermatology and other fields of aesthetic medicine.

“Kolkhida” has brought together the fields of plastic surgery and dermatology due to annual traditional meetings. Due date, there are many complex approaches, and the new products are demonstrated within the framework of event.

Program is continuously prepared by leading experts that makes the congress more and more interesting year by year in terms of theoretical and practical parts.

“Kolkhida” is the connecting link between professional and junior specialists, beginners, students. This is a platform for sharing experience, spreading ideas and novelties.

Since its foundation, “Kolkhida” has been a bridge of knowledge in vacuum between Plastic, reconstructive surgery and dermatology by generating a synergy and reinforcing mutually interface among those two fields.