Pay Online and Attend ALL STAR sessions FREE

Pay Online and Attend ALL STAR sessions FREE

22 April 2024


As part of our commitment to enhancing your experience at the congress, we are pleased to offer you a special promotion: Purchase your Kolkhida badge online through our website between April 22nd and April 27th, and get access to ALL STAR sessions FREE.

What is ALL STAR session?

The "ALL STAR" session stands as a separate paid session in scope of Kolkhida Congress, with focus on practical knowledge sharing.

This exclusive session is designed to cater to the educational enrichment of attendees through a series of live demonstrations. These demonstrations, which are broadcasted directly from clinical settings, offer a window into the world of plastic surgery and dermatology practices. Participants of the All Star Session are privy to an in-depth exploration of various procedures, benefiting from step-by-step elucidations provided by professionals in the field. This unique approach allows for a real-time and unedited educational experience, fostering a deeper understanding of complex techniques and the latest procedural innovations. The session's format is crafted to ensure a high degree of interactivity, encouraging delegates to engage with the presenters and to query aspects of the procedures for clarification. This interactive platform not only enhances the learning experience but also significantly contributes to the practical application of the knowledge acquired.

In essence, the All Star session is a testament to the Kolkhida Congress's commitment to advancing professional expertise through experiential learning. It is an invaluable resource for practitioners who are eager to refine their skills and to stay ahead of the evolutionary trends within the realm of aesthetic medicine.


  1. Visit Registration page
  2. Purchase your Kolkhida badge online between April 22nd and April 27th.
  3. Your free access to ALL STAR sessions will be automatically applied to your registration.

Please note that this offer is valid exclusively for online purchases only, made within the specified dates, and access to all star sessions will be provided accordingly.

We look forward to your participation in the Kolkhida Congress 2024 and anticipate fruitful discussions and collaborations that will drive advancements in healthcare.

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