Kolkhida Congress 2024: A Glimpse of the Expert Speakers

Kolkhida Congress 2024: A Glimpse of the Expert Speakers

17 June 2024

The anticipation for the Kolkhida Congress 2024 in Tbilisi, Georgia, is reaching its peak, and for good reason. This prestigious event, set to take place from July 5-7, promises delegates an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the latest advancements in plastic surgery and aesthetic dermatology. At the forefront of this immersive experience are some of the most esteemed professionals in the field, including renowned experts like:

🌟 Dr. Peter Velthuis: Dermatologist, President of ESCAD, and one of the founders of Cutaneous (Ultrasound in Aesthetics & Dermatology), Dr. Velthuis is renowned for his expertise in dermatology and aesthetic treatments. His innovative work in ultrasound applications in aesthetics and dermatology has set new benchmarks in the field. Attendees will gain invaluable insights from his extensive experience and leadership.

🌟 Dr. Benjamin Ascher: Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Founder & Course Director of the IMCAS Congress, and Founder & Director of the Thinkin Class, Dr. Ascher is a pivotal figure in aesthetic medicine. His pioneering work and influential role in shaping global conferences like IMCAS make him a highly respected and sought-after expert. Delegates will benefit immensely from his comprehensive knowledge and visionary outlook.

🌟 Dr. Bernard Mole: Plastic Surgeon and founding member of the French Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons (SOFCEP), Dr. Mole is celebrated for his contributions to facial aesthetics and reconstructive surgery. His groundbreaking techniques and dedication to advancing plastic surgery practices have earned him international acclaim. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from his vast experience and innovative approaches.

🌟 Dr. Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda: Cosmetic Surgeon and International Trainer, Dr. Redka-Swoboda is known for his pioneering work in minimally invasive procedures. His extensive training sessions and workshops have transformed aesthetic practices globally. Delegates can look forward to gaining practical insights and advanced techniques from his comprehensive sessions.

🌟 Dr. Deniz Demiryurek: Professor, and Human Anatomist. He has 36 international publications, 160 international papers, 360 international citations, and 1 international award. His special interests include clinical anatomy, infectious agents encountered in cadavers, 3D reconstruction techniques, mesotherapy, and acupuncture.

There are countless reasons to attend Kolkhida 2024, and our lineup of esteemed speakers from around the globe is just one of them. Explore the impressive list of 160 expert doctors who will be sharing their invaluable insights and cutting-edge topics. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the field. Check out the full list of speakers here.

As the countdown to the Kolkhida Congress 2024 begins, delegates can anticipate an unparalleled opportunity to engage with top professionals in plastic surgery and aesthetic dermatology. With a dynamic lineup of expert speakers, the congress promises to be a forum for cutting-edge insights, groundbreaking research, and invaluable networking opportunities. Don't miss your chance to meet and interact with these luminaries and be part of this transformative event in the beautiful city of Tbilisi!